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CourseAdvisor – Capturing the Long Tail of Online Education

I’m famous! Well, not really. But there was a nice write-up in BostInnovation on CourseAdvisor and the start-up days when I worked there. I guess I started as somewhere near employee number 10. CourseAdvisor was ahead of its time in … Continue reading

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Heroku | The Next Level

What if enterprise apps were built the way you’d build an agile Ruby app? What if they were a pleasure to work with, deploy, and manage? Original Post: Heroku | The Next Level. Yesterday’s acquisition of Heroku by looks … Continue reading

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TextMate shortcuts you should be using.

Here’s a nifty post on getting more productive with Textmate, a popular tool of choice among Ruby developers. It looks like it’ll save me some time — and it may save you some time as well. This is my list … Continue reading

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A simple example of automating the creation of named_scopes in rails

Here’s a common scenario: You have an attribute that can be a set of specific values, like the status of a transaction that can be ‘processing’, ‘succeeded’ or ‘failed’.  You now want to make it easy to check these values … Continue reading

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