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What are the best ways to recruit top engineering talent to work on a pre-Series A startup with no funding but big ideas?

I saw this question on Quora and it caught my eye because it’s focused on the area I’m interested in professionally — how to build and launch new businesses that make a real impact. One of the answers, though, I … Continue reading

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Should I work at a large company or at a startup?

I worked for a couple large companies doing development early in my career. There main frustrations I felt were: 1. Raises were based more on how the company was doing rather than individual contribution. I remember one year my entire … Continue reading

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Question: Should I plan for the future? Or focus on what I need to do today? Answer: Yes.

Being able to focus on what you need to have in place for the future is a good thing. It’s good in that you can’t be successful without it. The challenge is that thinking 3 steps ahead too often will … Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Resources to learn Ruby on Rails

I have a lot of people ask me about resources to help them learn and come up to speed on rails. I found this list of resources on Quora recently and thought it was worth reposting here to give it … Continue reading

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