This page is a placeholder a MySQL page showing essentially a TOC of all MySQL pages.

I’ll be filling these in over time. Please use the comment section to let me any comments or suggestions – thanks!

Basics and Background

Basics and Background – DML

  • Insert Examples
  • Update Examples
  • Comments and Headers

Creating Users and Permissions

  • ‘Super Users’
  • using special commands
  • using base tables
  • reload cache
  • 4.0 -v- 5.0?

Advanced Query Techniques

  • Join examples and syntax
  • multi table updates
  • Insert on dup key update example
  • using explain to look at indexes
  • indexing strategies

Stored Procedures and Other Advanced Techniques

Logging and Alerts

  • Creation of logging stored procedure
  • Creation of notification tables
  • script to do notifications based on levels

What to do when things get BIG

Backup / Restore


Dealing with External Data

Advanced Techniques and Design Patterns

When to move on to some other database.