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Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH), Creator of Ruby on Rails.

[This article originally appeared as the cover story Linux Journal Issue #147, published in July of 2006 -- back when I was still just learning Ruby on Rails. -- Kevin Bedell] Kevin: For our readers who are unfamiliar with Ruby … Continue reading

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Example code for storing environment-specific configuration variables in rails

Here’s some example code I’ve used for storing configuration variables using Ruby on Rails. This code allows for defaults as well, so you only have to specify variables per environment if they override the default value. This first file should … Continue reading

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‘seed’ data versus ‘testing’ data (and custom rake tasks) for Ruby on Rails

I’ve been a part of discussions on how to define ‘seed’ data versus ‘testing’ data on a Ruby on Rails project. Here’s a summary of what I’ve seen work well — please comment if you have anything to add. Data … Continue reading

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Overriding the OmniAuth callback url for twitter or facebook oath processing.

A lot of people are now using OmniAuth for Oath processing to connect applications to twitter, facebook, linkedin or any number of other SAAS applications. It’s easy and it works well. I’m using it for some work I’m doing with … Continue reading

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Agile Development and Sprints: Feature-boxed or Time-boxed?

When organizing a sprint, there are two ways to ‘scope’ the work for each Sprint: Time-boxed or Feature-boxed. In a ‘feature-boxed’ approach, a set of features, defects and chores are defined to ‘scope’ the work to be done during the … Continue reading

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